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How to play Medium and Small pocket pairs during tight games

Posted in Poker, Poker Strategy on Sep 25, 2010

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Every card we get on the poker table dictates how we are going to play the game. Let us look into small to medium pocket pairs and what we should do when are in a tight passive or tight/loose aggressive poker games.

Tight Passive Games

When you are in a tight passive poker game, you will encounter players who know when to play it tight to gain some profits but these are players that you can read easily. They don’t have the bite in their game and usually go for a ton of setmining

The players will be very predictable so you should take advantage. They make mistakes and you make some money out of their errors. Even though you have a small pocket pairs, other players on this kind of table will not push your around and give you a difficult time.

Weak-tight poker players will fold most of the time. They will fold even when they have a strong position. They will push their chips to the pot but they will not hesitate to abandon it when don’t have a strong hand. Make a continuation bet and most likely they will fold.

Capitalize on the blinds of these players and abandoned pots when the flop doesn’t give them what they want.

Tough Games with Loose- or Tight-Aggressive players

You can categorize tough games into several categories but we can point to your aggressiveness as the determining factor if you will take home some winnings. In this kind of poker games you can expect other players to be aggressive right before and right after flop. These opponents will make you sorry if you play out of position. In short, life will not be easy. It will be a really tough game.

Expect to get three-bets when you play in a tough table. Raising is not that a favorable move. It will be tough cause your competition will not back up that easily. If you raise and get called expect that your continuation bet will also be called. It will not be a fun place to be at since you will most likely be forced out position at all times.

They will force you to commit mistakes. Limping into a pot is also not a very good idea since they can smell what you plan most of the time. These players will make the odds against you.

One good thing to do is take advantage of how they make a 3-bet so easily. Raise and go 4-betting. Think of equity and think of bluffing to your advantage.

Fold what you think are the weakest hands sine they will not do you any good in early position. You can also try to limp into the game. Blend some raises into your game if you decide to fold medium or small pairs most of the time.

You have to read well which players will give you a good game and most likely give you a good profit at the end of the day.

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