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How to play Medium and Small pocket pairs during tight games09.25.10

Every card we get on the poker table dictates how we are going to play the game. Let us look into small to medium pocket pairs and what we should do when are in a tight passive or tight/loose aggressive poker games.

Tight Passive Games

When you are in a tight passive poker game, you will encounter players who know when to play it tight to gain some profits but these are players that you can read easily. They don’t have the bite in their game and usually go for a ton of setmining

The players will be very predictable so you should take advantage. They make mistakes and you make some money out of their errors. Even though you have a small pocket pairs, other players on this kind of table will not push your around and give you a difficult time.

Weak-tight poker players will fold most of the time. They will fold even when they have a strong position. They will push their chips to the pot but they will not hesitate to abandon it when don’t have a strong hand. Make a continuation bet and most likely they will fold.

Capitalize on the blinds of these players and abandoned pots when the flop doesn’t give them what they want.


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What to Play: Deuce to Seven Lowball10.22.09

deuce-7Deuce to Seven Lowball may be something of a secret to those more inexperienced poker players out there. In this game, four rounds of betting occur and, in all, each player gets five cards, all of which are dealt in the face down position. To that end, the game is a bit like Five Card Draw.

The difference is that, in this game, you are allowed to draw a total of three times — basically, during most of the betting sessions. One betting session occurs when players get their initial cards; then, each time the players are allowed to draw, another betting session occurs.

In this game, the ultimate goal is for you to make the five lowest cards that you can — without any pairs, straights, or flushes. Ace cards count as the highest possible cards rather than as ones. Thus, in Deuce to Seven Lowball, just as the name suggests, the ideal hand is: 2 3 4 5 7. However, any regular flushes, straights, or straight flushes will count against you. So, you do not want a 6 in there.

So, say you have 4 6 7 8 9 in off suits, but another player has the exact same hand in all diamonds. They lose by virtue of having a flush.

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What to Play: Seven Card Stud10.15.09

7-studSeven Card Stud (or Seven Card Stud High, if you want to get specific — as opposed to Seven Card Stud High/Low, of course), is a rather well known variation of poker. However, just because it is well known does not mean you should not be well aware of the rules and strategies involved in playing it.

In this game, the players put up antes; so, every player antes up, as opposed to only certain players putting down the blinds. Each player gets three cards at the onset — two of them are face down and one of them is face up. The person with the lowest card face up has to begin wagering, with the “bring in.” The other players follow in a clockwise motion.

A betting session follows, then the players are dealt a fourth card, also face up. A betting session follows this as well — and so on, for seven rounds. The idea here is to make the best hand with five out of seven of your cards.

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What to Play: Omaha High10.08.09

omaha-1Omaha High is another popular variation of poker. In this game, you begin by receiving four cards, dealt face down. By and large, that is where any similarities to Texas Hold ‘Em end. Omaha High is considered a much trickier, exceedingly more difficult game. As such, it is not recommended for beginners unless you are playing casually with a group of friends, solely for fun.

A betting session follows the dealing of the four cards. However, players are not allowed to discard. Following this, the Flop is dealt — three cards, face up. As with Texas Hold ‘Em, any player can use these cards to supplement their own hand. The tricky bit is that you have to use two out of the four cards you are originally dealt, in addition to the three Flop cards.

Once the Flop is dealt, another betting session follows, then comes the dealing of the Turn. You may now use the best three of the four community cards as well as two in your own hand. Your combination can change. Last, the River is dealt, followed by a final betting session. Yet again, you must use the best three cards in the community pile, as well as two of your own.

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What to Play: Texas Hold ‘Em10.01.09

hold-emSo, by now, you have probably have figured out where you want to play, be it at a bricks casino or at an online casino. Whatever the case, now it’s time to choose your game. This is harder than it may seem at first, simply because there are so many different varieties of poker.

Right now, Texas Hold ‘Em is probably the reigning champion in terms of popularity. It’s a challenging game but, on the plus side, it’s incredibly easy to figure out. The combination makes it perfect for both experienced players and novice players.

It’s considered the simplest variety of poker. You don’t have to ante up, you don’t have to discard. You only ever have to deal with two cards of your own. You have to bet on just those two cards as well. You are also dealing with the Flop, the Turn, and the River. Each of those have a betting session as well.

The dealer deals the Flop, which consists of three community cards. They are face up, whereas your two cards are face down. You can use the Flop to make the most of your hand. The fourth card, also dealt face up, is the Turn. There is a betting session after it is dealt, as well, and a fifth session once the final face up card, the River, is dealt.

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Where Should You Play?05.28.09

dogs-playing-pokerOne thing beginning players often want to know is, where should they play poker?  What is the best venue for them to learn the game?  After all, since there is money involved — sometimes quite a lot of it — many novice players are understandably wary about starting off in a casino.  In truth, there are lots of venues available to ease you into learning how to play the game to the best of your abilities.

For starts, you can play online.  In fact, a lot of online casinos have demos which will allow you to play poker in real time, without betting real money.  You can do everything all the paying players can do, but you do not have to risk the money.  However, by going this route, you can become comfortable with the betting process.

As any experienced poker player will tell you, however, nothing beats playing live with other people.  The good news is that you can do that as well.  You can always start up a poker night between yourself and some of your friends.  You’ll have a good time, and you’ll learn to play poker in front of others.  That means perfecting your bluffs and discovering your tells.

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Types of poker tables05.14.09

My Poker TableThe game of Poker is enjoyed by people worldwide. The popularity and fan following of the game speaks loud with bustling casinos and gambling houses. A fun game of poker can be played even at home with friends and family or can be enjoyed professionally at casinos.

Playing at home requires a complete set of poker accessories and one of the major requirements is the poker table to play on. There are various types of poker tables available in the market and being a fundamental element it is imperative to choose a table with utmost care and precision.

First step is to decide for how many players do you want the table. Poker tables can accommodate any number of people ranging from 2 to 12 depending on your budget you may chose any table. These tables are made from wood and are generally bulk therefore these tables should be kept at a place with enough space to spare so as the game can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Choosing a good table can be a big headache at times. Especially with so many choices to choose from one is bound to be spoilt for choices. It is always smart to make a list of certain thing that you want your table to fulfill like number of players to be seated, the budget, playing style and area of the room.


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Bluffing Can be Your Best or Worst Skill in Poker03.21.09

robert varkonyiOne of the nice things about poker is that you can still win a game even when you have the weakest hand or cards. Imagine if everyone knows what the others are holding, only the best of cards will win the game.

Poker gives importance to how a player handles himself during the best and worst situations. You can do a bluff to make other players believe that you have the best hand even though you have the weaker if not the weakest.

Bluffing is a necessary skill and you need to know when to use it and not just use it for the sake of bluffing.

Deceiving Faces

Bluffing come in two kinds. You have the pure bluff and the semi bluff. (more…)

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Welcome to my personal poker blog!03.18.09


On I, a young internet poker pro, will be posting simple poker strategy, poker news and personal poker stories for anyone interested to read them. I realize not too many people will be even remotely tempted to read this blog — but some of my poker friends surely will…

So, Tim, this one’s for you! ;-)

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