Poker Pro Bio: Jamie Gold05.14.12

Jamie Gold really burst on to the poker scene when he won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2006. At the time he did not have a whole lot of experience at the game so his win came as something of a surprise. While he has not yet replicated the success that he had at the WSOP he has proven that he can play the game with good results in several other tournaments.

Jamie Gold grew up in New Jersey but was actually born in Kansas, he moved with his mother after she remarried. Gold had always had an interest in entertainment and while he was in high school he interned at a talent agency and would eventually become an agent himself. He left this however to go on and get a law degree from UCLA however he soon had a desire to get back into the entertainment business and he started to producing television shows.

Gold first started to play poker when he was a child, he learned from his mother who was a pretty serious player. He never really took the game all that seriously when he was young. Years later however he ended up producing a television show about poker and that was when he started to get into the game in a serious way. The show that he was working on involved some of the top players in the world and they taught him how to play the game of poker like a pro.

After his introduction to poker Gold started entering tournaments that were near his home in California. Although these were fairly small tournaments they were enough to convince him that he had a knack for the game as he was pretty consistently finishing in the money. He therefore decided to enter the World Series of Poker in 2006 and amazingly at his first try he would end up winning it. The prize that year was twelve million dollars which remains the record for the biggest win ever. He has finished in the money a couple of other times at the World Series of Poker but has come nowhere close to the same kind of success.

One of the reasons for his success at the World Series of Poker is that Jamie Gold uses a very unconventional style. He plays in a very aggressive way and often puts the other players in a position where they have to play more aggressively than they would like. A lot of the pros were very critical of this style when the first saw it but it clearly worked for Gold. It may be however that the other players have figured him out and that is why he has not been able to repeat his success.

While he has been successful as a poker player Jamie Gold’s main job remains producing television programs. This does tend to limit how often he can play. He has however started to produce mainly shows about poker so he has been able to combine his two great loves.

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