What to Play: Omaha High10.08.09

omaha-1Omaha High is another popular variation of poker. In this game, you begin by receiving four cards, dealt face down. By and large, that is where any similarities to Texas Hold ‘Em end. Omaha High is considered a much trickier, exceedingly more difficult game. As such, it is not recommended for beginners unless you are playing casually with a group of friends, solely for fun.

A betting session follows the dealing of the four cards. However, players are not allowed to discard. Following this, the Flop is dealt — three cards, face up. As with Texas Hold ‘Em, any player can use these cards to supplement their own hand. The tricky bit is that you have to use two out of the four cards you are originally dealt, in addition to the three Flop cards.

Once the Flop is dealt, another betting session follows, then comes the dealing of the Turn. You may now use the best three of the four community cards as well as two in your own hand. Your combination can change. Last, the River is dealt, followed by a final betting session. Yet again, you must use the best three cards in the community pile, as well as two of your own.

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