What to Play: Texas Hold ‘Em10.01.09

hold-emSo, by now, you have probably have figured out where you want to play, be it at a bricks casino or at an online casino. Whatever the case, now it’s time to choose your game. This is harder than it may seem at first, simply because there are so many different varieties of poker.

Right now, Texas Hold ‘Em is probably the reigning champion in terms of popularity. It’s a challenging game but, on the plus side, it’s incredibly easy to figure out. The combination makes it perfect for both experienced players and novice players.

It’s considered the simplest variety of poker. You don’t have to ante up, you don’t have to discard. You only ever have to deal with two cards of your own. You have to bet on just those two cards as well. You are also dealing with the Flop, the Turn, and the River. Each of those have a betting session as well.

The dealer deals the Flop, which consists of three community cards. They are face up, whereas your two cards are face down. You can use the Flop to make the most of your hand. The fourth card, also dealt face up, is the Turn. There is a betting session after it is dealt, as well, and a fifth session once the final face up card, the River, is dealt.

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