What to Play: Deuce to Seven Lowball10.22.09

deuce-7Deuce to Seven Lowball may be something of a secret to those more inexperienced poker players out there. In this game, four rounds of betting occur and, in all, each player gets five cards, all of which are dealt in the face down position. To that end, the game is a bit like Five Card Draw.

The difference is that, in this game, you are allowed to draw a total of three times — basically, during most of the betting sessions. One betting session occurs when players get their initial cards; then, each time the players are allowed to draw, another betting session occurs.

In this game, the ultimate goal is for you to make the five lowest cards that you can — without any pairs, straights, or flushes. Ace cards count as the highest possible cards rather than as ones. Thus, in Deuce to Seven Lowball, just as the name suggests, the ideal hand is: 2 3 4 5 7. However, any regular flushes, straights, or straight flushes will count against you. So, you do not want a 6 in there.

So, say you have 4 6 7 8 9 in off suits, but another player has the exact same hand in all diamonds. They lose by virtue of having a flush.

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What to Play: Seven Card Stud10.15.09

7-studSeven Card Stud (or Seven Card Stud High, if you want to get specific — as opposed to Seven Card Stud High/Low, of course), is a rather well known variation of poker. However, just because it is well known does not mean you should not be well aware of the rules and strategies involved in playing it.

In this game, the players put up antes; so, every player antes up, as opposed to only certain players putting down the blinds. Each player gets three cards at the onset — two of them are face down and one of them is face up. The person with the lowest card face up has to begin wagering, with the “bring in.” The other players follow in a clockwise motion.

A betting session follows, then the players are dealt a fourth card, also face up. A betting session follows this as well — and so on, for seven rounds. The idea here is to make the best hand with five out of seven of your cards.

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Types of poker tables05.14.09

My Poker TableThe game of Poker is enjoyed by people worldwide. The popularity and fan following of the game speaks loud with bustling casinos and gambling houses. A fun game of poker can be played even at home with friends and family or can be enjoyed professionally at casinos.

Playing at home requires a complete set of poker accessories and one of the major requirements is the poker table to play on. There are various types of poker tables available in the market and being a fundamental element it is imperative to choose a table with utmost care and precision.

First step is to decide for how many players do you want the table. Poker tables can accommodate any number of people ranging from 2 to 12 depending on your budget you may chose any table. These tables are made from wood and are generally bulk therefore these tables should be kept at a place with enough space to spare so as the game can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Choosing a good table can be a big headache at times. Especially with so many choices to choose from one is bound to be spoilt for choices. It is always smart to make a list of certain thing that you want your table to fulfill like number of players to be seated, the budget, playing style and area of the room.


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