What to Play: Seven Card Stud10.15.09

7-studSeven Card Stud (or Seven Card Stud High, if you want to get specific — as opposed to Seven Card Stud High/Low, of course), is a rather well known variation of poker. However, just because it is well known does not mean you should not be well aware of the rules and strategies involved in playing it.

In this game, the players put up antes; so, every player antes up, as opposed to only certain players putting down the blinds. Each player gets three cards at the onset — two of them are face down and one of them is face up. The person with the lowest card face up has to begin wagering, with the “bring in.” The other players follow in a clockwise motion.

A betting session follows, then the players are dealt a fourth card, also face up. A betting session follows this as well — and so on, for seven rounds. The idea here is to make the best hand with five out of seven of your cards.

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